KXAN (October 14th, 2016)

Make sure you give bicyclists space, APD is watching

“AUSTIN (KXAN) — A typical day for Senior Police Officer Rheannon Cunningham usually requires spending a few hours of her work day either talking about bicycle safety or even getting on a bike herself, which she doesn’t mind at all since she’s already an avid cyclist. As the Austin Police Department’s first and only officer dedicated to bicycle safety, Cunningham’s ultimate objective is to make the roads safer for all users, not just bicyclists.

“I’m a cyclist on my own, so I get to combine my passion for bikes with my job to help make the roads safer for everybody,” says Cunningham, who started her new position three months ago. “With our goals for Vision Zero, this is one component to make the roads safer and they assigned me to it as a full time position.”



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