C3FT v2

Released: 2015-05

Availability: DISCONTINUED

v2 System Features:

  • High-Brightness Display designed for visibility in direct sunlight

  • 8 – 99 Inch Display Range for high resolution distance measurements (0.67 – 8.25 feet)

  • 3- and 6-foot Alarm Threshold Modes trigger alarm buzzer and LED indicators

  • Continuous Mode displays continuous real-time distance measurement

  • Capture Mode captures and displays nearest measurement inside threshold, reset by front-panel button

  • Made in the USA and meets the requirements of the Buy American Act


C3FT v2 was introduced in May of 2015 with the Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) being the first adopter of the C3FT platform for enhanced enforcement activities and education+outreach.

It was developed to meet the use case needs of law enforcement to have an accurate and verifiable way to conduct education and enhanced enforcement activities related to Vulnerable User Laws (typically 3′ pass distances). Like v1, it is also designed to be used for statistics gathering and research related to driver pass and post-pass behavior.

Consisting of two primary components, a head unit and sensor package, C3FT v2 enabled users of various bike configurations as well as handlebar widths to deploy the device with out making any modifications to the target bicycle. The sensor package includes a sensitive ultrasonic detector on an adjustable arm to provide a fast, reliable distance measurement on the head unit’s high-brightness numeric display.An external device is required for data recording and the C3FT system includes an adjustable mount for an optional video camera to record the distance display, facility layout, and traffic activity.

Featuring a simplified interface, it was specifically designed to enable users to utilize it minimal training, enable passive monitoring with few distractions,  and clear feedback and prompting during and after pass events. Buzzer and LED indicators alert the user when a passing vehicle triggers a preset distance threshold.


The standard C3FT v2 configuration utilizing a GoPro camera for video capture.


Video capture frame of a close pass during an enhanced enforcement activity by CPD.


C3FT v2 Overview Flyer