C3FT v1

Released: 2011-03

Availability: DISCONTINUED

Version 1 was developed both as test platform to validate the ability of the selected technologies to successfully detect motorized vehicles passing a bicyclist across a variety of real world environments as well as collect baseline statistical information about pass distances and pass/post-pass behavior on a range of facilities in Austin.

Although not offered for sale, it was actively utilized as a proof-of-concept demonstration device with various enforcement agencies, municipal transportation departments, and academic research groups. Through these interactions usability studies were undertaken to determine the needs and use cases of disparate groups and how they could effectively apply the technology within their own field of study, or in the case of police, during enforcement activities.

During this time, v1 enabled us to  perform a pilot study and collect statistical data on driver behavior in the Austin area.

C3FT v1 prototype device attached to front rack, paired with GoPro camera.


On-road tests.


On-road tests.