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Current C3FT v3 Pricing Structure (as of 07/2017):

C3FT v3 Unit Price: $1480

5+ Units: 5% volume discount

10+ Units: 10% volume discount

501c3 Non-Profit: $100 discount per unit for 1 – 9 units, $180 discount per unit for 10 or more units. Can not be combined with volume discounts.


Shipping & Handing:

Includes direct market value shipping costs and insurance on the shipment equal to the full shipment value. There is no charge for costs related to packaging and physically shipping the order.


Customs & VAT:

For international orders, import fees must be paid directly by the customer, either by supplying a FedEx account or a third-party customs broker at time of purchase. Although fee estimates based on FedEx providing the service can be provided as part of a quote, these will not be included in the invoiced purchase price. The import fees will be billed directly to the customer’s selected broker as the order clears Customs.