The Washington Post (June 24th, 2016)

A new device could help bikers catch cars that drive too close to them

“Drivers who ride a little too close to cyclists on the road could soon be caught red-handed. A new technology adopted by law enforcement in Ottawa could help enforce legal distance between bikers and cars on the road.

The device, which is mounted on a bicycle’s handlebars like a bike bell, uses sonar technology to measure the distance between the bike and passing cars. The device will beep if the car is within one meter of the bike, the legal limit in the city of Ottawa, allowing the police rider to radio ahead to his colleagues so that the driver can be pulled over. “The safety of all road users is paramount and that includes cyclists. These cycling changes are directed at encouraging cycling, promoting road safety, and sharing the road,” said Rob Wilkinson, coordinator of the Safer Roads Ottawa Program.



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