American City & Country (July 1st, 2015)

C3FT adds teeth to passing law in Chattanooga

“For Chattanooga Police Department Officer Rob Simmons, patrolling motorists passing habits on the road became personal a few years ago.

The bike patrol officer’s friend, David Meek, died in a cycling accident in 2009 after a motorist failed to follow Tennessee’s “three-feet” passing law, which requires motorists to remain three feet from cyclists when passing.

“He got sideswiped by a vehicle trying to pass him,” Simmons told American City & County. “That really resonated with me.”

Simmons has led the effort for his police department to be the first in the country to utilize C3FT V2.0 – a bicycle-mounted passing detector system – that will better educate and enforce vulnerable road user laws, which apply to pedestrians, cyclists and others.



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