C3FT v3 has been released!

August 22nd, 2017

We are excited to announce that C3FT v3, the third generation of the C3FT device, has been released!

Version 3 builds on the success of the v2 platform by integrating a range of usability and functionality improvements driven by 2 years of real-world use with feedback from US and International enforcement agencies, municipalities, and advocacy groups.

Consisting of a single integrated unit, C3FT v3 features toolless installation and removal to simplify deployment and make field adjustment possible. It is designed to deploy on any bike configuration or handlebar style without requiring modifications to the bicycle. The sensitive ultrasonic detector is mounted on an adjustable arm and provides fast, accurate, and reliable distance measurements which are displayed on a high-brightness numerical display. This measurement and the associated threshold setting is available in either inches (8 – 99) or centimeters (20 – 250) and is user configurable.

For more for a full feature list and additional photos, please visit the C3FT v3 product page.

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